Qingdao, China

Tel: +86-13793299898

  • 15000+

    The company's production office area is 15,000 square meters

  • 50+

    Up to 50 product types

  • 23+

    More than 20 years of professional manufacturing experience

  • 500+

    More than 500 cooperative service companies

  • 8000+

    Safe and accident-free operation for more than 8000 days



Qingdao Luke Auto Gas Development Co.,Ltd. is a Sino-Austria joint venture, founded by Austrian Gas Auto International Company and Qingdao Effort Science and Technology Development Co.,Ltd in 1997, located in beautiful city of Qingdao. LUKE is one of the leading companies in China for CNG compressors, LNG fillling stations  and LPG fillling stations with professional design, equipment R&D, manufacturing, installation and after-sales  service capacity. LUKE owns complete natural gas equipment production lines in its 20000 m² factory. 

In recent years, with high quality products and excellent service, Luke has established good business relations  with Sinopec, Petro China, CNOOC and other regional gas companies. The sales scale is continually expanding.